My GTD set-up – Part 1

I intend to explain my GTD also known as “Stress Free Productivity” setup in a series of posts.


For people not familiar with the process, the GTD book by David Allen is a great place to start. Or you can head to 14 days trial of GTD connect which is worth the effort.

The first step in the process is Collect. I use a physical inbox at home where I throw my receipts, papers or anything comes my way. Then I have my office and personal email. My meeting notes are taken in a notebook or SimpleNote on my computer or phone.

The next step is Process. Here I go through each item and make decisions. I process my physical inbox within 48 hours. My email inboxes within a day. My SimpleNote notes within a day.

The next step is Organize where I file reference items and set-up action reminders. For work reference I use eProductivity Reference database for Lotus Notes which is free. For personal reference I use a more elegant Evernote. It’s search capabilities are very impressive so I can find stuff in a jiffy.

I also receive large files which go to my hard drive (first to an inbox folder and processed into an appropriate folder). I’m not overly concerned about the placement of files because I use Everything a lightweight tool for Windows to find files quickly.

Anytime I change configuration of a tool that I care, I backup that to my hard drive as well in a specific folder. Also the copies of my Lotus notes inbox and reference databases. Also my contacts updates, calendar back-up etc go to specific folders in the hard drive.

If all of this sounds like a lot of work just try it out! You will see drastic changes to your way of looking at things.

The rest of the workflow will be explained in the next post.


2 thoughts on “My GTD set-up – Part 1

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